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Take Playtime to the Next Level

Posted by Helen Dimond | Joyful Little Voices | Speech Pathologist on

Paediatric speech pathologists are professionals who assess and treat children with a range of difficulties including:

Speech (saying sounds correctly); Language (understanding what is said and using the correct words and word order when speaking); Stuttering; Voice quality; Swallowing/Eating; and Literacy.

As a Speech Pathologist I am delighted to be able to review the following games from Toy Fiesta:

Peaceable Kingdom - Match up game

The Pirates match up game and puzzle 

This is really good value, two for one game for young pirate lovers. 
If your child (or you!) can’t remember where the pair is, try playing the game by leaving the cards turned over that you haven’t paired up yet!

It’s great for visual memory (where is that Pair?) but also good for matching and counting (How many do you have/pairs do you have?) These are great school readiness skills. 

You can also use the cards to extend your child’s understanding of spoken language by asking questions about the pictures as you go along. 

As a Speech Pathologist I love the framework of Blanks Levels of Questions, these questions are all based on the language of the classroom and children should have all Levels of questioning mastered before 6 years of age.

Some examples of Levels of questioning you could use with this Puzzle would be: 
Level 1What’s that? 
Level 2How are a flag and a pirate different? 
            – Tell me some more things a pirate might have? 
            – What do we use a cannon for?
Level 3How are a flag and a pirate the same? 
Level 4
How can we tell that that’s a pirate ship?

eeBoo Tell me a Story

eeBoo Create a Story Cards

These stories can be created by children, in a group (making a silly story) or by adults who make up a story for the child to listen to.
These beautifully illustrated picture cards feature a group of porcupines, skunks, squirrels, a platypus and a fox in a variety of engaging activities. 

You can work on Level four questions quite nicely as most of these pictures are absurd and entertaining (why can’t a squirrel play in a band? Why is this called a grandfather clock? What could happen next?) and you can work on what teachers and Speech Pathologists call Tier Two words - which are important for reading comprehension. 

eeBoo SNAP

eeBoo Snap!

Again, beautiful illustrations of animals doing funny things will lock in kids’ interest levels. Snap is always a favourite and great for practicing the social skills of turn taking, winning and importantly, learning to lose!

I love the two line poems on the bottom of these cards, getting the child playing more than just a game of snap. You can practice generating another rhyming word apart from the two on the cards! They also introduce a lovely literate language vocabulary.

eeBoo Ready Sets Go

Ready, Sets, Go!

Animals doing absurd activities will have your kids rolling on the floor in this game! The object of the game is to collect the most sets, but in this case the sets can be defined by the players. 

 As a Speech Pathologist I spend a lot of time teaching kids how to sort into groups and name different items that belong in groups and this game has a lot of extension ideas I will be using in therapy!

These toys, when used well, are all great for language development.

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